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Shop Update

I have very little to update today as I have been tattooed myself and am now in a lot of pain, obviously. Ah well. We have some  special things going on in the studio with Luke which will be awesome for both Christmas and the New Year and when it comes round to releasing the information, we will let you all know.

In more personal news, nearly got my most recent skull cross stitch finished, pictures to come as they’re finished, and then on with the painting commissions and the new cross stitch I have planned. It’s gonna be awesome boys and girls.

More new information articles coming out this week, keep an eye out.


Wonderful Customers

What can I say? We have had some fantastic customers in the studio today, not just getting work done but enquiring, booking in and just showing us how their work has healed. I sometimes worry that people are scared to return to show us healed work, like we only want their money and won’t be interested in them if they’re not booking in for something. It just isn’t the case. We love to see our old customers and have a chat and catch up and see how they’re doing. After all, in one way or another we’ve all spent a fair bit of time with them.

Today has been especially good though, a day filled with new faces, all of whom we can’t wait to see again because their ideas are just fantastic and are going to look great when finished, so watch this space for pictures over the next few months. I would also like to thank everyone who has been in today as they have had some very well thought out and appropriate questions, as apposed to just: how much will it cost? It makes me smile to see that not everyone is basing their decisions around the new tattoo David Beckham has had done or what Kat Von D reckons is a good tattoo. (But that’s a rant for a different day).

But to all of those of you who have been in to see us before, come back, show us, talk to us, let us know how you’re getting on, we miss you ­čśÇ